Shock and FAIL! 🤣 | Funniest Fails | AFV 2020
GOODBYE Camera! 😭 | Funniest FAILS | AFV 2020
Eldyn Wisdom
Eldyn Wisdom 10 часов назад
Tarun Ephrem
Tarun Ephrem 10 часов назад
So this is how hypnosis works! The hypnosist waits for his victim to get sleepy, then hypnotises him/her
MK Ganya
MK Ganya 10 часов назад
Not wanting to sound mopey. But from recent personal experience, you miss the guy only when you lose him forever, the guy who you took for granted all your life for saying the seemingly simple words "You go ahead, go to sleep... I'll..."
IVl1n53 10 часов назад
I hope this isn't proof for anything bad..
Mike Arneson
Mike Arneson 11 часов назад
As the boy with the big rubber ball found out , you never mess with a redhead! 11 часов назад
Thanks for Sharing ❤️&✌️
Guitartube25 _
Guitartube25 _ 11 часов назад
If only..
maarij amir
maarij amir 11 часов назад
3:07 patt se headshot😂
Vera Scholastica
Vera Scholastica 11 часов назад
God bless you baby💜
Clash Josh
Clash Josh 11 часов назад
No one: RUposts comment section: Microsoft Windows shutdown (☉。☉)!
Im a bad Bitch you cant kill me
Im a bad Bitch you cant kill me 11 часов назад
These are soo funny
It's Time for Fun
It's Time for Fun 11 часов назад
Nice 👍
مريم الغامدي
مريم الغامدي 11 часов назад
you’re soooooo morons rely 😒😑
TheBarbahaba 11 часов назад
that was like the switch went off
sagar jain
sagar jain 11 часов назад
Child is a paid actor 😆😆🤣
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 11 часов назад
Some look so scripted
Jelian Kate Manila
Jelian Kate Manila 12 часов назад
Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
MT hacks
MT hacks 12 часов назад
"The password" "Already slept"
llxoxll 12 часов назад
Lame Jackson 03
Lame Jackson 03 12 часов назад
8:37 If i have a daughter, that's how I'm gonna raise her.
Adriano Jose Ferreira Cavalcante Cavalcante
Adriano Jose Ferreira Cavalcante Cavalcante 12 часов назад
Екатерина Тюренкова
Екатерина Тюренкова 12 часов назад
Вот я не понимаю, что смешного в том что человек упал???
PSYCHOCAT23 13 часов назад
1:09 the guy falls on the girl's arm and you can hear it crack.
Christoph Lade
Christoph Lade 13 часов назад
Your modern human mind says ' This is just a big puppet, controlled by someone." but your DNA remembers the times when we all are mice sice nigthactive insect eaters and on the Menü of this Creatures.
Frank Corral
Frank Corral 13 часов назад
Best reaction ive seen to this.👍😅😅😅 Great sense of humor
Killa Joestar
Killa Joestar 13 часов назад
dad: its okay you ca- son: error 404
eliteEVIL darkness
eliteEVIL darkness 13 часов назад
When they cut ur bonus
PK Revanth Kumar
PK Revanth Kumar 13 часов назад
My personal experience with the hen 🐔🐔
PK Revanth Kumar
PK Revanth Kumar 13 часов назад
The kangaroo fight is supeerrr🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jenavey Skyy
Jenavey Skyy 14 часов назад
Some of these are competitive Cheer
•Ereri AOT Games•
•Ereri AOT Games• 14 часов назад
Dad: you're not allowed to have a boyfriend until you're 50 Me: BUT DAD HAVING A BOYFRIEND IS ONLY FOR 15 YEARS OLD!
Simar Preet Kaur
Simar Preet Kaur 14 часов назад
Plot twist : he wasn’t the dad💀
Shirin Tonn
Shirin Tonn 14 часов назад
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Dripper 14 часов назад
That pug do be eatin da broccoli tho
Anonymous Renu Mehta
Anonymous Renu Mehta 14 часов назад
So adorable ❤️❤️💕🥰
TD44 15 часов назад
За рулём работник Государственной Почты.
stinker 15 часов назад
AX Art
AX Art 16 часов назад
I've seen the same video but with a dog in a vet clinic
O M 16 часов назад
I will come back and watch this many more times! Lit my day.
Barbara Agüero
Barbara Agüero 16 часов назад
Jameson Taillon
D R 16 часов назад
😂😂😂😂😂😂 He is following rules like Marine
Renato Andueza
Renato Andueza 16 часов назад
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Nicholas Littlejohn
Nicholas Littlejohn 17 часов назад
The US is a joke, they don't care
Bob Epicness
Bob Epicness 17 часов назад
Oh please, I always asked my parents to go to the bathroom
Natalie Williams
Natalie Williams 17 часов назад
Brett Sullivan
Brett Sullivan 18 часов назад
It makes me feel better on my falls and stuff
Gustavo 18 часов назад
What a lovely guy! 4:48
lol 18 часов назад
This pug has a bigger appetite than most kids nowadays.
Nathan Spain
Nathan Spain 18 часов назад
That privileged kid just threw his phone on the ground.
jayanta palai
jayanta palai 18 часов назад
Lol 😂 it’s so funny 😂
star light
star light 18 часов назад
Omg this just made my day...most adorable little kid.. keeping watch for daddy..naawwwwwwwwww what a true soldier.
sherkinou 18 часов назад
I have nightmares with those so often I think i'd try to wake up and faint on the spot!
Niranjan Desai
Niranjan Desai 18 часов назад
Teachers takes his permission to enter the class and ask him question
Nadia Hussein
Nadia Hussein 18 часов назад
super cute..
zippy zipster
zippy zipster 19 часов назад
Not funny watching 2 year olds get injured. But ok losers.
Olivia Caroll
Olivia Caroll 19 часов назад
That little man waiting for command to sleep and when is father tells him to sleep the second he did he was knocked out before he could say anything else
Christian Parrish
Christian Parrish 19 часов назад
That never happens to me
Nabil Ashraf
Nabil Ashraf 19 часов назад
I thought they were going to acedently shot them selfs at 5:34
Joshua Tobiasz
Joshua Tobiasz 19 часов назад
FroebaRants 19 часов назад
dis is kinda freaky if ya ask me lol. lil dude passed out mid response “ye-.”
Olivia17 dxwwf Button 17
Olivia17 dxwwf Button 17 19 часов назад
good night to you love 😍😘
Mosammat Shahanara Monica
Mosammat Shahanara Monica 19 часов назад
“Yeah” -Tired, cute kid, 2016
Olivia17 dxwwf Button 17
Olivia17 dxwwf Button 17 19 часов назад
good night to you love 😍😘
Haley Gentry
Haley Gentry 19 часов назад
Not sure why I watched this I'm actually horrified when dancers fall it could change there life and career forever
Fatima Moncada
Fatima Moncada 19 часов назад
First your not, supposed to remove, the hair's inside your nose they protect you, from polen, dirt so you won't get sick 😷
Love123 Somasegaran
Love123 Somasegaran 20 часов назад
The fat guy went on the water slipnslide and face planted into the grass😂😂🥲🥲🤣🤣
Erick Morton
Erick Morton 20 часов назад
Never let a kid use a pressure washer those can rip skin off
Tina Randolph
Tina Randolph 20 часов назад
2:02 that’s really how much product is in mascara
Kam Thang
Kam Thang 20 часов назад
Oh hey wanna play minecraft with me? Btw she sounds like cowboy
Sonia Clarke
Sonia Clarke 20 часов назад
People: they crazy Me: omg God why
Lolo Moore
Lolo Moore 20 часов назад
Lolo Moore
Lolo Moore 20 часов назад
Lolo Moore
Lolo Moore 20 часов назад
Allan Patrick Fernandes Almeida
Allan Patrick Fernandes Almeida 20 часов назад
the third of the elderly woman falling and the top one that I’ve ever seen I’m laughing so far bro kkk😂😂🤣🤣
FrankLogic 20 часов назад
Phone" 15% Me: 👁.. Phone: 5% Still me: 👀. Phone: 1% Me: 🏃🏽‍♂️💨 I'll get the char..... Phone: 👋💤
Brittany Turner
Brittany Turner 20 часов назад
That's sad
Brittany Turner
Brittany Turner 20 часов назад
Anti Ponzy
Anti Ponzy 21 час назад
where'd they buy it
Anna Boggess
Anna Boggess 21 час назад
One of those videos are from myrtle beach 🧋
Detourmined 21 час назад
The second one, the boy BURNT his arm
Audreyana McDonald
Audreyana McDonald 21 час назад