FACE Meet MAT! 😂| Funniest Fails | AFV 2020
FAIL Meet FACE! 😆| Funny Videos | AFV 2020
Friendship FAIL! 😂 | Funny Fails | AFV 2020
Madaruku Ho-jiren
Madaruku Ho-jiren 10 минут назад
Wow, I had no idea this was posted today.
Lalisa Manoban
Lalisa Manoban 13 минут назад
Bout 1 hour and 30 min in it started to repeat a lot of the clips
Sofia QuintanaCandler
Sofia QuintanaCandler 19 минут назад
this is halioros
Ivan Stayner
Ivan Stayner 19 минут назад
6:32 is my favorite. That kid wasn't having it.
Marc Tompkins
Marc Tompkins 23 минуты назад
Time stamp 6:29 the white boy needs to get rhythm.
sp 54
sp 54 28 минут назад
I'm gonna like every single comment here because I'm bored 👍
Madaruku Ho-jiren
Madaruku Ho-jiren 11 минут назад
Including yours
sp 54
sp 54 39 минут назад
lol I love this
أبن أدلب ألضخراء
أبن أدلب ألضخراء 42 минуты назад
OAO 😍🥰🥰💞💗💓💓💞💞💕💟💟❣💘💝💖💯👍👍👍
John Roberts
John Roberts 46 минут назад
Hi AFV ,happy halloween everyone !!! 💀🎃🍬🍭
Ps114 46 минут назад
Perfect ending... 🐱 Meow!
Diamond Butterfly Playzz
Diamond Butterfly Playzz 49 минут назад
Fun facts from diamond almost. All deaths are because of Covid 19
Diamond Butterfly Playzz
Diamond Butterfly Playzz 52 минуты назад
0:35 I thought that swing set was going to break or the swing bite he fell
jawad behzad
jawad behzad 55 минут назад
Soo funny
Camila Walker
Camila Walker 56 минут назад
This always makes me feel batter.
Thomas Fehr
Thomas Fehr 56 минут назад
this is hilarious
Koolguyplayer1-mecha team leader Player1
Koolguyplayer1-mecha team leader Player1 Час назад
Neilton Farias
Neilton Farias Час назад
Thank you so much 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Keith Allver
Keith Allver Час назад
1:05 There's the next Bruce Lee.
Sage Reyes
Sage Reyes Час назад
3:41 just keep swimming
MemeLord Час назад
Fun fact: Most deaths in america are caused by dying
Carlos Aragao
Carlos Aragao Час назад
Me looking when he turns on the car:oooooo things are not going to go well. Guy just falls bc the car. Me:told ya that car got a mind of its own it’s aliveeee.
Alexander жиесть
Alexander жиесть Час назад
азхазхазхазхза лоль
Karol Kozłowski
Karol Kozłowski Час назад
Hello its me 🇵🇱
DJ_DubieWubie Час назад
This comment section is the epitome of kids.
Andy Freeman
Andy Freeman Час назад
One very important question DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THAT IT'S A REAL RAPTOR?
bensoudani feriel
bensoudani feriel Час назад
O mhi ghat
bensoudani feriel
bensoudani feriel 25 минут назад
Finny gatita kawaii
Finny gatita kawaii Час назад
Jajaja 😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😁
Animitronick Kitty
Animitronick Kitty Час назад
Lol 😂💛💙💛💙💛💙
hamtaro and yoohoo fan 33
hamtaro and yoohoo fan 33 Час назад
Omg that video now
the official yellow red channel bear fandubs
the official yellow red channel bear fandubs Час назад
Very nice👌👌👌 and Lol😂😂😂😂😂
Thomas Esters
Thomas Esters Час назад
Man, These Puns Always *Fall Flat.*
Sambot Plays
Sambot Plays Час назад
Md Sumon
Md Sumon Час назад
Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇦🇹
Scott Springthorpe
Scott Springthorpe Час назад
first commetn first view 47 seconds in
Pahel Shiad
Pahel Shiad Час назад
I think the humans must have harmed them so they tried to attack them
Neev Gupta
Neev Gupta Час назад
0:21 So that's how Alec Baldwin spends summer...
klo Bynum
klo Bynum Час назад
7:23 what do u think happens when u mess with a kangaroo?
That SriLankanGuy
That SriLankanGuy Час назад
The moron laughing at 3:17... tge girls head could have been impaled
DeadRaymanWalking Час назад
"My Minecraft dude's name is Steve." That was too funny, considering I've been playing as him in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate since he was DLC.
Isabelle Sprenger
Isabelle Sprenger 2 часа назад
beyond the trailer
Jennifer Brewer
Jennifer Brewer 2 часа назад
I love you😍😍❤️
Heather Austin
Heather Austin 2 часа назад
love song
Amelia Kosicki
Amelia Kosicki 2 часа назад
Bacon Inquisition
Bacon Inquisition 3 часа назад
8:53 This kid is legit covered in crap
Anika 3 часа назад
Srgo37 3 часа назад
So stuppid videos...
Mike Stevens
Mike Stevens 3 часа назад
Cats Rule..!🎃 Happy Halloween to All..!
Mickaël Lebret
Mickaël Lebret 3 часа назад
RANUS 3 часа назад
Why is he not allowed
Alison Dawson
Alison Dawson 3 часа назад
About 1.18 fat woman puts pupper on walking machine ~~ moron.
ItzMaisyBruh 3 часа назад
Horses are not toys ;(
ROB GTZ 4 часа назад
The 🐢!!! Surprise!!!
Saurabh Ponkshe
Saurabh Ponkshe 4 часа назад
0:48 I felt that ooof
R1D9M8B4 4 часа назад
And so at 1:23 ended his career. He now works eSports player.. Living in his mom's basement.
anshul b.
anshul b. 4 часа назад
you know it's _america's_ funniest videos when most of the people in it are morbidly obese.
Seawolfplays1 5 часов назад
Pause vid and go to this time stamp: 6:26 Lol😂
Ursu Maria
Ursu Maria 5 часов назад
Ursu Maria
Ursu Maria 5 часов назад
i said STOP
Alison Dawson
Alison Dawson 5 часов назад
Who owns that absolutely gorgeous pupper that climbed out of the cage at about 1.01 ? Give m6 kids away for a pupper like this ! lol. GORGEOUS AND CLEVER !!!! ❤️❤️ xoxox 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
Arpitha Manoj
Arpitha Manoj 5 часов назад
Alison Dawson
Alison Dawson 5 часов назад
About 1.08 stupid girl screaming at tiny, tiny kitten, mind you ~ stupid girl ! Like it was going to hurt you ~~ pick it up and take it inside silly girl !
h insanejake21
h insanejake21 5 часов назад
0:30 Charlie Brown. XD
abdul ghani mohd ali
abdul ghani mohd ali 6 часов назад
They are super abundant because people there don't eat, in asia fresh water fish becoming less and less cause we eat it every day, hmmm...
TheCximus 6 часов назад
вояки одним словом
ARVENESH A/L SHATISH Moe 6 часов назад
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Diesel Auto Channel - قناة ديزل اوتو 6 часов назад
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Sakeer K
Sakeer K 7 часов назад
4:35 Ooooh myyyy god
shreya Aggarwal
shreya Aggarwal 7 часов назад
Who all did thier phone away from face at 0:35 I did 😂
can't think of a name
can't think of a name 7 часов назад
Many of the same ones🤷
AceofSpades_8 7 часов назад
Girls: War is so disgusting and sad. Boys:
United states of America - the place called hope
United states of America - the place called hope 8 часов назад
The chicken attack the eyes is not funny rellt .
ukyo16 8 часов назад
Nicht mehr der alte
Nicht mehr der alte 8 часов назад
Second clip........ Arrest those parents........ 🤬🤬🤬
Brad Deitrich
Brad Deitrich 8 часов назад
"I got a guy that can do it cheaper"!!
DigitalNinjas 8 часов назад
Let’s be honest if you’re ever done a martial art you’ve probably fallen trying a kick. No matter what age
CLAUDIUS 9 часов назад
6:32 this boy hahaha
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat 9 часов назад
Second video the ref gave a green signal and immediately intervened. Paid the price for stupidity
Salma Nanda
Salma Nanda 10 часов назад
Haha my stomach hurts from laughing
Charly Brownie
Charly Brownie 10 часов назад
Marcus Sabandon
Marcus Sabandon 10 часов назад
During my practice when I saw someone down in the floor hitting thepasd I cant stop the demon to laugh. Hhehehehee