FACE Meet MAT! 😂| Funniest Fails | AFV 2020
FAIL Meet FACE! 😆| Funny Videos | AFV 2020
Matthew Hollopeter
Matthew Hollopeter 8 минут назад
Never mess with BEES without protection gear.
Fortunato Pena
Fortunato Pena 8 минут назад
americans faces are so red when they hit something
Spencer Parris
Spencer Parris 15 минут назад
6:28 Man got droppedddd
Jimmy Soon
Jimmy Soon 21 минуту назад
love this video so much
Suresh Date
Suresh Date 32 минуты назад
Moral 1) table should be strong 2) dont put table cloth 3)paste the cake on table
Matthew Hollopeter
Matthew Hollopeter 43 минуты назад
Bear 1 fisherman 0
Matthew Hollopeter
Matthew Hollopeter 49 минут назад
Pelican 1 Man 0
Matthew Hollopeter
Matthew Hollopeter 51 минуту назад
You can not do that again even if you tried.
Matthew Hollopeter
Matthew Hollopeter Час назад
Never scare your elders
Katherine Dogger
Katherine Dogger Час назад
It’s a bit late for Halloween
Pets Awesome
Pets Awesome Час назад
I want to watch this again
Pets Awesome
Pets Awesome Час назад
Very nice video
Zieg Feld
Zieg Feld Час назад
0:15 that was the most satisfying thing ever...
Light23K Час назад
Bunch of stupid dog owners.
SheldonCreeper 2 часа назад
1:27 Bruh
Sean Time
Sean Time 2 часа назад
Has anyone ever been pranked on RUposts? Read more
Sean Time
Sean Time 2 часа назад
Now you have
Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez 2 часа назад
That's funny
Blue Shepherd
Blue Shepherd 3 часа назад
I am Coyote Peterson and I am about to enter the touch zone from all the insects of the world Let's gooo
Ultimate Gamer
Ultimate Gamer 3 часа назад
2:29 Blake Shelton song
Skylar Baxter
Skylar Baxter 3 часа назад
Hahajahahah said I cant you 3rd and god will be the best day of your life don't break this chain send this to me in your life and god will be
M Happy
M Happy 3 часа назад
💜💜💜 So cute.
Valentina Cano
Valentina Cano 3 часа назад
Abdallah Essam
Abdallah Essam 3 часа назад
From an Arab using my dikshrine software.
Abdallah Essam
Abdallah Essam 3 часа назад
A comedy in the world😂😂😂😂👌😂
Caleb Elmore
Caleb Elmore 4 часа назад
1:27 what an arm
Kade Sanford
Kade Sanford 4 часа назад
The fate of the U.S is in these people’s hands. ... ...
Savagewolf Gaming
Savagewolf Gaming 5 часов назад
900th comment!
Habiba Mohammed
Habiba Mohammed 5 часов назад
not funny
Armando Simplicio
Armando Simplicio 5 часов назад
Hahahaha(um froom Brazil)brasileiros?
pee pee island Canada
pee pee island Canada 5 часов назад
Carley Collins
Carley Collins 5 часов назад
´guiv ´sjta
J R 5 часов назад
Antique people idiots
عبدالوهاب نعيم عبدالوهاب نعيم
عبدالوهاب نعيم عبدالوهاب نعيم 6 часов назад
What are you doing ha ha ha
Browny Sweta
Browny Sweta 6 часов назад
5:23 Where can i find the full clip? :)
Fred donatelli
Fred donatelli 6 часов назад
6:46 I can hear the Mickey Mouse cartoon Fire Escape in the background!
Green Cappy
Green Cappy 6 часов назад
When someone says Baklava is from Greece 😠
Jason John
Jason John 6 часов назад
Dad. ?
Anna Seuffert
Anna Seuffert 6 часов назад
Me:I want to learn a back tuck Me later: nvm
Melina Raholin
Melina Raholin 7 часов назад
Everybody: watching Me: listening to the mickey mouse intro
Matey D.
Matey D. 7 часов назад
Aimee Rodriguez
Aimee Rodriguez 7 часов назад
poor people that fall and hurt everywhere hahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😂😂😂🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐😏😏😂😂😂😂😂😂
Josiah Rodriguez
Josiah Rodriguez 7 часов назад
Idc if you’re my kid, my parent, my sister, my friend- you blow my candle we fightin
The Juggling Riot Guy
The Juggling Riot Guy 8 часов назад
Most of these fails are from people who don’t know which way a hurdle is meant to be.
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott 8 часов назад
Your the stupid Bird feeder bear height ME be like feeding bears & cubs inside watching TV 📺 xd 😾Cats have no fear people pay $ to see bears Bear at front step hello avon calling 6:09 Can i see Your Licence Sir! oh gosh
Carlos Ramos Condori
Carlos Ramos Condori 8 часов назад
Un mundo maravilloso!
Muhammad Ilyas
Muhammad Ilyas 8 часов назад
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Yesenia Cordero
Yesenia Cordero 8 часов назад
This is why they should be careful
Zolinah B.
Zolinah B. 8 часов назад
I like their accent
JaEsto Y
JaEsto Y 8 часов назад
Beren Batır
Beren Batır 8 часов назад
A ojbrgfkhjh kuruttshjshjddjjsjdidum rujfjdhdxjjxjxxxxjxsksjsks
ariana bright
ariana bright 8 часов назад
Sapphire wolf 115
Sapphire wolf 115 9 часов назад
KEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE GUN soldier:nah man (I saw this at 2:59)
Bruno NISHIYAMA VARGAS 9 часов назад
they are not racing these are just amber heard and cardi b casually walking together
yasmin gonalez
yasmin gonalez 9 часов назад
this is so so funny
Pendime Mackey
Pendime Mackey 9 часов назад
9:08 where do I get one of those?
Danielle Reitsema
Danielle Reitsema 9 часов назад
Het is zo grappig
John Bavas
John Bavas 9 часов назад
I love this animals! UTUBE SMILE BY JOHN BAVAS
Richard Dean Andersen
Richard Dean Andersen 9 часов назад
The baby elephant attack was amazing, lol
Mythic Method
Mythic Method 9 часов назад
1:56 😆 🤣 😂
Tx N
Tx N 9 часов назад
Ethan Carreon
Ethan Carreon 9 часов назад
this is not funny at all
captainmarvelfan12 10 часов назад
1:18 Ahh a Korean wedding gone wrong.
Dalia Dalia
Dalia Dalia 10 часов назад
Great IQ
Great IQ 10 часов назад
Haha! "Boy shwend!"
ニャオミィ 10 часов назад
Bindesh Patel
Bindesh Patel 10 часов назад
Such a cutie. god bless him
Alexis McMillian
Alexis McMillian 10 часов назад
D and A Brothers
D and A Brothers 10 часов назад
Maynard Talisayon
Maynard Talisayon 10 часов назад
3:51 great kung fu xD
Nakoda Olds-Reid
Nakoda Olds-Reid 10 часов назад
Brenda Foster
Brenda Foster 10 часов назад
Her boyfriend lol
JUST WOW VIDEOS 11 часов назад
Good Good Good
JUST WOW VIDEOS 11 часов назад
Dilbər Musayeva
Dilbər Musayeva 11 часов назад
Bazılarını ben de yapmıştım amma kolumu kırmıştım
Anita Hendricks
Anita Hendricks 11 часов назад
Zayan Alam
Zayan Alam 11 часов назад
Meghan 11 часов назад
Omg 🤣
Jim Hayes
Jim Hayes 11 часов назад
That parachute was like: “You’re coming with me!”